Boulder Strong Resource Center receives federal funding

The Boulder Strong Resource Center is receiving $275,000 in federal funding thanks to the efforts of Congressman Joe Neguse.

Neguse said, "I was grateful to be able to tour the Boulder Strong Resource Center this week to learn more about the programs and services they are offering to our community.  As we heal and recover from the tragic events of March 22nd, it’s crucial that we ensure that the victims' families, King Soopers employees and our community members are supported with necessary resources and mental health services. This federal funding will help expand the great work underway at the Center, and ensure our communities have sustained support in the coming months.”

“This funding will ensure that the #Boulderstrong Resource Center, managed by Mental Health Partners, serves as a place of healing and support for our entire community., said Dixie Casford, co-CEO of Mental Health Partners.

The #BoulderStrong Resource Center welcomes anyone struggling from the Boulder Table Mesa tragedy to partake in the numerous healing and support services.

The center’s trained professionals understand that people process grief and trauma differently and on their own timeline. For that reason, mental health therapy is never forced. In fact, therapy may not be for everyone, and that is okay.

The #BoulderStrong Resource Center focuses on what you need to function in your life. Every person is treated differently according to their needs or what it takes to get them to function. Some people may just need to play with a comfort dog for a few minutes a day. Others may need someone to talk to, someone to listen to them. And others may need art therapy, a massage or acupuncture. It’s all about helping you heal.

Give us a call or pay us a visit. The #BoulderStrong Resource Center is located at 2935 Baseline Rd. You can also call (303) 545-0844.

You can read the entire news release from Congressman Neguse's office here: